8th Annual Treasury Management India Summit & Awards 2024

The role of corporate treasury is becoming increasingly strategic and aligned to the organizational objectives - helping business continuity, funding long-term growth, innovations while managing financial risk. Corporate treasuries today are expected to take on value adding roles of being a business advisor while also looking at converting treasury into a profit centre.

Corporate treasury also has faced quite a different landscape in 2023. Some political situations have settled but there is a lot more to go- new methods of business, ESG and green financing, changes in regulation and compliance globally, transitioning LIBOR, currency movements, the escalation of trade wars, major commodity price shifts and supply chain shocks to mention a few. Treasurers are exploring new ways of performing the operations keeping cost, efficiency, and better risk management their priority. Most treasurers are turning towards technology to centralize and automate treasury operations. Technology is considered as "the enabler" to change in treasury also given that remote working has now become the new normal. There is a lot of innovation happening in the entire eco-system to make treasury borderless with minimum risk exposure.

8th Annual Treasury Management India Summit & Awards 2024 will focus on how to a build roadmap for better liquidity & working capital management techniques, cash visibility & forecast, investment strategies, ensuring good governance, risk & compliance (GRC) policies. This summit will bring the community under one umbrella to discuss the learnings and innovation from the past phases of pandemic and use this as an opportunity to promote sustainability and growth.



  • Optimising working capital management with treasury fundamentals
  • How treasurers can best manage the growing burden of regulatory changes
  • How payment technology's impact on reshaping treasury management
  • Evaluating ESG frameworks and reporting standards for Treasurers
  • Cashflow forecasting with better visibility for financial control
  • How are the treasurers' managing risks with the dynamic interest rate environment


  • Get insights on how treasury management industry is shaping up globally and what are the new challenges being faced
  • Deep dive into the core pain areas faced and understand how the industry is dealing with the situation
  • Find out how the industry overall is collaborating to navigate through the disruption brought by pandemic and the geo-political crises
  • Understand what best practices are adopted by the treasury heads to manage their cashflow efficiently
  • Explore the new digital TM platforms
  • Draft the right TM strategy to equip and support business with more information in the changing times
  • Map out the latest emerging strategies that will help your Treasury process reach the next level
  • Understand the specific guidelines on corporate Treasury
  • Share best practices on various aspects of Treasury Management
  • Network with India's top regulatory and Finance experts
  • Understand latest regulatory updates


  • Best practice sharing with treasury management peers
  • In-depth knowledge of the emerging trends in treasury management
  • Assessing your own organizations current TM status and identifying areas of improvement
  • Gain in-depth guidance on latest solutions being adopted to combat key challenges
  • Deep dive into tools like what-if scenarios adopted by the industry to manage uncertain situations and be better equipped for the future
  • Leverage on this golden opportunity to meet and connect with treasury management experts


  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Head of Treasury
  • Head of Foreign Exchange / FX / FOREX
  • Financial Controller
  • Head of Commodities & Currency
  • Head of Treasury Liquidity & Working Capital
  • Chief Dealers
  • Cash Managers
From below industries:
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Consumer Business
  • IT and Telecom
  • Energy and Resources
  • Life Sciences and Health Care
  • Media & Communications

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